since their formation in 2012,

Young Poet has gone through a lot of changes. The initial lineup, genre, even the name has changed, a metamorphosis that would have dissolved any weaker brotherhood. That perseverance is now their album, "Thrive In A Modern Era". 


Young Poet's debut sound is a lean cut of pop melodies, punk energy and metal proficiency. Steven & Tyler's tight, drop-tuned rhythm section support snappy and soaring leads from Andrew. Seth's vocals dynamically blend commanding hooks with emotive, earbending passages by way of crafty and uplifting lyrics.


double duty is simply standard for the four,

 from Seth's additional guitar work to backing vocals from each member. They have also been known to swap instruments in their live performances, already notable for compelling stage presence and humorous dad chat between songs.


With a youthful vigor and a fresh full-length as fuel, Young Poet has big plans. Their growing base of fans and content make them a force to be two-stepped with. But seeing the picture of them pretending their van is a pirate ship only proves that they are all indeed lovers, not fighters.