Charm City Rock n' Roll.

Getting Things Together...

Getting Things Together...

It has been a long journey for us. 

"Thrive In A Modern Era" is our first album, but it is not our first rodeo. It's not even the first version of this band. We have been transformed by the process of music. We have been tried and tested to put in more time, put in more money, make efforts on top of efforts to bring the best out of ourselves, and put it in little plastic disks & email inboxes for all our family and friends.

That isn't to say it hasn't been fun! Every challenge was met and rewarded times over: those car rides at 3am blasting a recently finished demo; the first like on a new picture or video we spent all week setting up; that moment at a show, when someone drove an hour to see you on a work night, just to give you a gross sweaty hug after moshing their hearts out.

YOU were why we did this. YOU gave us the encouragement & support we needed. You were the catalyst for our creativity. And I just can't thank you all enough.

Please keep the flame going. Please keep sharing our posts & pictures, and give us feedback on how to make it better. This is your album as much as it is ours. 

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Thank you. Keep thriving.


- Andrew from Young Poet